Eliminates the spread of pathogens in our city with

UV-C VentGuard

Powerful UV-C emission breaks hidden transmission chains,
creating a safe and healthier living environment


Device specially designed to eliminates pathogens and viruses from escaping the vent pipe

99+ % In A Second

Disinfection and inactivation rate*

24/7 Operation

Protecting you year-round
Compatible with both PVC and epoxy cast iron ventilating pipes
Robust materials to withstand typhoons and rainstorms
Cloud monitoring platform available to simplify routine work
Industry recognition
  • Hong Kong ICT Award 2021 - Smart Living (Smart Home) Bronze Award
  • Smart Living Partnership Awards 2021 - Smart building/Environment (EnviroTech)/Green Technology 'Outstanding Ultraviolet-C Sterilization Device'
More about UV-C VentGuard
*Test conducted by the Department of Biology of Hong Kong Baptist University with pseudo Coronavirus


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About LR IOT
We provide professional consultation and implementation services to help you realize an IoT system and automated workflow for your business operations in the fast-pacing digital transformation era. Our IoT implementation solution can detect and pre-empt issues, thus reducing down time and minimizing maintenance. With full control of the development cycle, we deliver IoT products and software that ease the frontline operations and provide oversights and control for management.

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